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Tub and Shower Valve Repair, Replacement, and Upgrading

Tub and Shower Valve Issues

Is your tub or shower dripping? Is your shower handle hard to turn or does it leak when turned on? Are you considering upgrading your tub or shower fixtures? At Phoenix Plumbing and Drain Service, we have a solution for all of your troublesome tub and shower issues.

Repair, Replacement, and/or Upgrade of Shower Valves

When deciding whether to repair or replace a shower valve, we will first check the condition of your shower valve and identify the problem. In most cases, the shower valves can be rebuilt. However, if your shower valve has extensive hard water build-up, it may be necessary to replace a new valve. Also, a shower valve can be outdated and/or cannot be repaired. In this case, we can replace your valve to match your existing faucets as closely as possible. We can also replace your existing features with an upgraded look. We can help you with shower valve assembly from small parts like shower valve cartridge,  shower valve stem, shower trim plates, shower faucet, shower head, and even the shower drain. Many newer fixtures have upgraded and energy-saving features that can give your home an updated look as well as save you money. We will help you find and select your desired fixtures as well as install fixtures you have already purchased for your house plumbing.

Tub Repair/Replacement

A common issue with tubs is a leak in the waste and overwater flow, which is the drain piping below the tub. This connects the tub to the waste and vent system, which is below the concrete floor in your wall. One way to fix the waste and overflow is to cut a hole in the wall that is opposite the tub. This will give us access to the waste and overflow and allow us to repair it. If we cannot gain access to the waste and overflow, we will need to remove the tub. At that time you may decide to replace or upgrade your tub. Our professional plumber can also help you in replacing and repairs on some small parts of the tub like the tub spout, or tub trim plate.

Upgrading your Tub

Do you ever look down at your tub and not like what you see? Sometimes your tub can have chips that cannot be repaired or wear stains at the bottom that cannot be scrubbed clean. In this case, replacing your tub is an option. At Phoenix Plumbing and Drain Service, we can help you select a tub that is within your budget and that contains the features you want.

Call Phoenix Plumbing and Drain Service today to repair, replace, and/or upgrade your tub and shower fixtures.

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