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Toilet Repair and Replacement

Do you keep hearing the annoying noise of your toilet filling?

Is there water leaking on your floor around your toilet? Toilet repair and replacement are some of our most common plumbing jobs.

Repair or Replacement

At Phoenix Plumbing and Drain Service, we know what a headache a clogged toilet can be. We use a hand-crank snake called an auger, which cables the line through the pee trap and passes through the flange. This step will usually clear the obstruction. However, if we have difficulty snaking the toilet then we may need to remove the toilet in order to gain access to the obstruction. We can also use a camera to locate and remove any objects that are blocking the pathway of the water flow.

Running Toilet

Another common toilet issue is when your toilet is constantly running. This can be annoying as well as costly. This is usually a quick fix, which requires us to replace the flapper. If the toilet continues to run after the flapper is changed, then the toilet will need to have a new flush valve instead. We also highly recommend changing all toilet components at one time to avoid costly repairs and for preventative maintenance.

Toilet Leaks

If you see water at the base of your toilet, it could possibly be several issues. A common leak is due to a faulty wax ring which is caused by a loose toilet or sewage backup. We can fix this leak by removing the toilet, replacing the wax ring, and setting and securing the existing toilet properly. Another common leak issue is caused by the gasket that is in between the tank and the bowl. This can be easily fixed by installing a new tank to bowl kit.

Toilet Replacement

Replacing a toilet typically happens when a toilet backs up multiple times. You should consider replacement when you are constantly repairing or unclogging your toilet. Our trusted experts will advise you on choosing the right toilet for your needs.

Call Phoenix Plumbing today for your thorough toilet inspection, repair, or replacement.

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