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Grease Trap and Interceptor Installation

Grease Traps

A grease trap is an extremely important function in the everyday use of restaurant’s kitchen.

Why is a Grease Trap Important?

Without a properly functioning grease trap, the drainlines of the kitchen will fill up with grease and eventually become blocked. This blocks water from flowing and stops the usage of any sink or drain that is in the facility.

Maintaining Grease Traps

At Phoenix Plumbing Drain Service, we understand the demands and high-stress environment that a restaurant and/or place of business is faced with. This is why we make it our priority to properly inspect and maintain your grease traps and pumping schedules. Cleaning grease traps is important to maintain the flow of the wastewater and trapping waste grease coming from the commercial kitchen sink before entering the sewer lines waste system. Also, maintaining grease trap cleaning prevents rancid odors. Each restaurant has different pumping needs due to usage. We will assist you in developing a maintenance plan that will keep your grease trap and lines functioning optimally for your business. We offer grease trap services like grease trap maintenance, grease trap cleaning, and grease trap pumping.

Installation of Grease Traps

At Phoenix Plumbing and Drain Service, we are able to install any type of grease trap in your restaurant and/or place of business as well as remove and replace an existing grease trap. When installing a grease trap for a new build, we will supply and install a grease interceptor that has been sized properly per city requirements. Some grease traps are above ground and we are able to pipe the fixtures that need to run through the grease trap. Other grease traps are underground and we must cut and remove the concrete, excavate a hole, and then set the grease trap. Once these steps are completed, we install piping to the required fixtures and sinks and hook them to the trap.

Grease Interceptors

Part of a grease trap system is A grease interceptor, which is a large concrete tank that has walls and baffles. Some interceptors have two compartments and others have three compartments based on the flow rate moving through. The purpose of the grease interceptor is to collect and cool animal fats and oils and trap them so they do not flow into the city sewer line. Grease interceptors must be maintained on a regular basis to ensure that the interceptor does not fill with solids and stop the flow of water to the septic system. We can assist you with a maintenance plan for your interceptor that will best meet the needs of your restaurant and/or place of business.

Call Phoenix Plumbing and Drain Service today to inspect, grease trap cleaning and maintain, replace or install your grease trap and/or inceptor.

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