Drain Cleaning & Hydrojetting

Drain Issues

Is your tub or sink having difficulty draining? Are you ankle deep in water at the end of a shower? Does your place of business have an odorous break-room sink? Soaps and grease can build up in the line and catch hair, food, or other debris, causing your drain to become slow or clogged. At Phoenix Plumbing and Drain Service, we are experts in drain cleaning and use various methods to clean your drain-lines properly.

Drain Cleaning

We will clear a clogged or slowed drain in any room of your home or place of business. First, we cable the line to remove the blockage. Next, we run hot water and cable the line again to flush the line free and clear. This ensures that the line is free of all obstructions. If a slowed or clogged drain is a continuous issue, we can quickly video inspect the line to effectively identify the problem. Once the problem is identified, we are able to clear the drain and design maintenance program that keeps your drain working optimally.


Sometimes a drainline is lengthy, flat, and does not have proper grade. In this case, soap and grease build up in the line and it is extremely difficult to clear with a cable. For this type of build up, we recommend hydrojetting. Hydrojetting is when a high pressured hose is used to force water to scrape and wash the pipe. The debris is simultaneously flushed out of the line and into the city sewer. Depending on the amount of obstructions, we may need to make multiple passes through the line until all obstructions are removed. Hydrojetting keeps your drain free and clear of unwanted stoppages for longer periods of time than traditional drain cleaning.

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