Video Inspection and Line Locating

Did you know that your plumbing needs an inspection just like the human body?

Technology is essential part of the word today, especially in plumbing. At Phoenix Plumbing and Drain Service, we utilize the latest technology to meet all of your plumbing needs. Some of our technology includes cameras and locating devices to inspect your sewer line.

Why Video Inspection is Important

There are many reasons why video inspection and line locating is vital to our customers. When making a large purchase such as buying an older home, it is critical to inspect the pipes in order to determine what condition the pipes are in. Another reason we suggest video inspection is if a line has recurring and/or constant stoppages. This could be due to joints that have roots growing through them, flat spots in the line, improper use of the sewer system (pouring grease or flushing baby wipes), or a line that has pulled apart or shifted.

When doing a video inspection for a home or place of business, we use the camera to inspect the plumbing under the house as well as the plumbing running from the house to the city sewer. This informs us on the condition of the piping in the house including the size, depth, location, as well as any damage in the pipes. We are able to provide video inspections to our customers for home or building inspections.

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Covid-19 Safety is our number one priority. Here are some measures we are taking to help keep you & our team safe:

Our technicians are wearing personal protective gear such as masks. Single-use gloves and boot covers are worn by request when inside customer homes and businesses.

Technicians are washing their hands thoroughly with soap and water or using hand sanitizer as often as possible including before and after jobs.

Whenever possible, technicians are respecting social distancing rules and will remain home when sick.

Technicians are frequently disinfecting equipment and items that they come in contact with.