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Locating the leak in your plumbing system by using smoke

Smoke Tests for Leak Detection

Is there an odor or sewer smell in your home or place of business? Are you unable to find it’s source? If so, a smoke test is an effective way to pinpoint the leak that is causing that odorous smell that is coming from your waste and vent systems.

Smoke Tests

At Phoenix Plumbing and Drain Service, we are extremely qualified and determined to solve the odor issues in your home or place of business. When performing a smoke test, we use a non-toxic fog that is safe for people and animals. This avoids the hassle of of having to vacate your home or place of business. First, we seal off a majority of the vents on your rooftop. Next, we begin pumping smoke into your sewer system. Once the smoke is well into the system and we are able to view the smoke coming out the vent-stack, we know there is smoke throughout your waste and vent system. After this, we darken the area and use flashlights to see where the smoke is seeping from. We start in the bathrooms and inspect and each fixture. After we inspect the fixtures, we inspect all clean-out plugs to ensure they are properly sealed. Once this step is completed, we look above the ceiling and inspect all of the vent pipes that run horizontally and vertically. We also look to see if smoke is seeping out of the walls into the ceiling because of the possibility of a leak inside the wall. Sometimes this can be a lengthy process due to insulation and other obstacles that may block the path of the smoke. Once we determine where the smoke is coming from, we are able to make the necessary repairs to the plumbing system. When the repairs are completed, we resmoke the system to make certain we have fixed all of the leaks.

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