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Garbage Disposal Repair, Replacement, and Maintenance

Garbage Disposal Issues

Did you just flip the switch of your garbage disposal, only to hear a humming noise? Do you have standing water in your sink? At Phoenix Plumbing and Drain Service is our priority to get your garbage disposal working in no time.

Repair or Replace?

At Phoenix Plumbing and Drain Service, we are able to determine if your disposal needs a simple repair or a replacement. First, we unjam the disposal to free the water that is trapped. Next, we inspect the inside of the disposal to see what obstructions may be caught under the blades. Then, we remove the obstructions to ensure your garbage disposal will not jam again. Sometimes, a disposal is rusted and a replacement is needed. We will advise you if a replacement is necessary and will have the replacement disposal readily available to save you time and money.

Maintaining your Garbage Disposal:

Below are some easy and do it yourself tips for taking care of your garbage disposal and drain lines.

  1. When using the disposal, run an adequate amount of water and keep the water flowing for approximately 30 seconds to 1 minute after you are done running your disposal. This process ensures that all of the food has been pushed out of the disposal and is running down the drain line to your sewer line.
  2. Try to keep metal and plastic objects out of the disposal. This will dull and jam the blades, causing the disposal to break.
  3. Use small pieces of lemon and/or orange to keep your disposal smelling clean and fresh.
  4. Try to avoid putting large pieces and/or amounts of food into the disposal at one time. This can possibly cause your drain lines to plug up.

Call Phoenix Plumbing and Drain Service today to assist you in all of your garbage disposal needs.

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