Potable Water Leaks and Drain Repair Services

Where is that leak coming from?

Is your sink or shower faucet dripping? We know how frustrating it can be to hear that constant drip and to receive an unexpected water bill.

Drain Leaks and Repairs

Have you opened your cabinet under your kitchen or bathroom sink and noticed a puddle of water? Typically, this leak is caused by a cracked/corroded or loose joint. Upon inspection of the pipes, we are able to determine whether it is best to repair or replace the tubular piping that is causing the leak.

Sometimes, drain pipes in the walls and under the slab crack and leak. This is usually caused by poor installation or expansion and contraction in your home. These leaks can be difficult to locate and costly to repair. We use specialized equipment to detect and determine the source and cause of the leak.

Drain-Pipe Repair

There are four common drain- pipes that are used inside houses or buildings (plastic, cast-iron, galvanized, and copper). The most common type of drain-pipe is plastic. The drain-piping can crack due to poor installation, harmful chemicals, and expansion and contraction. In order to fix your drain-pipes, we expose the existing pipe and make the necessary repairs to stop the leak and keep your home or place of business functioning properly.

Potable Water Distribution System Leaks and Repairs

In Arizona, we have distribution systems that run under the slabs, in our walls, and ceiling. Typically, when pipes are leaking in walls in ceiling it is easy to find due to the noticeable damage these leaks cause. Determining the type of pipe that is in your home (copper, plastic, or old galvanized), will assist us in making the proper repairs.

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