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Potable Water Leaks and Drain Repair Services

Where is that leak coming from?

Is your sink or shower faucet dripping? We know how frustrating it can be to hear that constant drip and to receive an unexpected water bill.

Drain Leaks and Repairs

Leaky PVC pipe or leaking pipes underneath your bathroom or kitchen sink? These leaks are often easy to fix with a simple tightening of the pipe joint. If this doesn’t stop the leak, then the entire section of the pipe may need to be replaced.

A broken drain pipe is often overlooked as the source of a leak. While a drain pipe replacement or replacing drain pipes is often the first thing that comes to mind whenever we encounter PVC pipes that are leaking or another drain pipe problem, there are many other potential sources of the leak.

  • Checking for Toilet Leaks: Toilets can be a big source of water leaks in your home. If you have a leaky toilet, it is important to find and fix the leak as soon as possible.
  • Sewer Pipe: Broken sewer pipe or sewer line can also be a sources of water leaks. If you have a sewer lines or sewer pipes that are leaking, it is important to call a professional plumber to have a sewer line repairs. This is critical as DIY drain repair often causes the damaged drain pipe to collapse, which can lead to a much larger and more expensive repair.
  • Drain line breakage due to tree roots: Even cast iron drain pipes are no match for the mighty tree root. Cast iron pipes and drains can be broken by tree roots that have made their way into the sewer line or sink drain pipe causing pipe bursting.

If you suspect your sewage system or plumbing system is the source of a leak, please call us for a professional evaluation and to schedule an appointment for sewer repair.

Drain-Pipe Repair

There are four common drain-pipes that are used inside houses or buildings (plastic, cast-iron, galvanized, and copper). The most common type of drain-pipe is plastic. The drain-piping can crack due to poor installation, harmful chemicals, and expansion and contraction. In order to fix your drain-pipes, we expose the existing pipe and make the necessary repairs to stop the leak and keep your home or place of business functioning properly.

The drain pipe repair cost will depend on different factors including:

  • Pipe material: A PVC pipe will be less expensive to repair than a copper or iron drain pipes
  • Damage or drain pipe problem: Is it a cracked drain pipe? Or is it a clogged drain pipe? Do we need to install a new pipe or can we repair the existing pipe? All these factors will play a role in the final drain pipe repair cost.
  • Location of drain pipe: You central drain pipe location will also influence on how much does it cost or it will cost you to have a drain line repair. Do we need a sewer camera to locate the leak? Do we need any other special tools to replace or repair your old pipe? Repair costs will be influenced by the accessibility of your drain pipe.

Some plumbers who offers sewer line repair charge per linear foot especially for replacement projects. Per foot means that they will charge you for every linear foot of the new pipe that needs to be installed. This is may include the labor cost, pipe lining cost, trenchless sewer repair (trenchless sewer line repairs) cost, and any other associated fees. Other services if necessary such as epoxy pipe lining cost, kitchen drain pipe replacement cost, or bathroom drain pipe replacement cost may be included in the final bill.

Potable Water Distribution System Leaks and Repairs

In Arizona, we have distribution systems that run under the slabs, in our walls, and ceiling. Typically, when pipes are leaking in walls in ceiling it is easy to find due to the noticeable damage these leaks cause. Determining the type of pipe that is in your home (copper, plastic, or old galvanized), will assist us in making the proper repairs.

For your plumbing systems, clay sewer pipes, and other sewer pipe repair needs, feel free to call Phoenix Plumbing. Our expert plumbers can handle every main sewer line problem, sewage pipe repair, and more.

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