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How Long Does it Take to Become a Plumber?

how long does it take to become a plumber

Becoming a plumber in Arizona, as well as in other states, is a worthwhile career. The plumbing field is a 100-billion-dollar industry, and there will always be a demand for plumbers wherever you are in the United States. The plumbing business is not seasonal and is immune to economic downturns. Becoming a licensed plumber usually takes five years to seven years. However, there are different paths that you can take to get a plumbing license. Moreover, because of the Arizona plumbing license reciprocity rules, you can use your plumbing license in states such as California, Nevada, and Utah.

Who Can Become A Plumber?

Once you have your high school diploma or earned a GED, two primary options for getting a plumbing license are available. You may enroll in a plumbing trade school or complete plumbing apprenticeship programs.

Plumbing School vs. Plumbing Apprenticeships

Plumbing trade schools offer different plumbing training programs for prospective plumbers. Regardless of the program prospective plumbers select, finishing education through a trade school takes two years. The advantage of getting an education through plumbing trade schools is the flexibility of selecting the specialization you want to acquire. After two years of trade school, they may conduct Arizona search plumber programs to look for further training.

A plumbing business or a union usually sponsors plumbing apprenticeship programs. Depending on the specialization plumbing prospects want to acquire, it takes two to five years to finish plumbing apprenticeship programs. The advantage of these plumber programs is that prospects are paid while being trained. However, they have less flexibility in choosing areas they want to specialize in.

The Next Step: Getting a Journeyman Plumber Status

Regardless if you took two years of trade school education or an apprenticeship program, you would need enough industry experience before applying for a plumbing license with the Arizona registrar of contractors (ROC). Most states require at least five years of practical experience to sit for a plumbing exam.

There are two required exams to acquire an Arizona plumbing license. These are the business management exam, and the trade exam from the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. Because plumbers have a contractor status, Arizona requires plumbers to register themselves as a business. Depending on the apprenticeship program or trade school specialization you took, you may take a commercial plumbing license or residential plumbing license.

Subjects tackled in the plumbing license exam are the plumbing code, plumbing fixtures, plumbing systems, sanitary drainage systems, administrative policies, indirect and special wastes, venting, water heaters, and others.

Once you sum it up, after taking either apprenticeship plumbing programs entirely or going through a trade school first, the time it takes to become a licensed plumber in Arizona. Journeyman plumbers can now consider themselves plumbing contractors though they can’t mentor an apprentice plumber to get the necessary industry experience to become a licensed plumber.

Taking it a Step Further: Master Plumber Status

What is a master plumber? Master plumbers command the highest fees and can take on more complex jobs. Master plumbers are also responsible for overseeing apprentices and guiding prospects in a plumbing apprenticeship program to help them acquire the industry experience they need to acquire appropriate plumbing licenses. Master plumbers also supervise journeyman plumbers for complicated tasks.

Most states require at least two years for a plumber to have journeyman plumber status before applying for a master plumber license. Some states, however, require up to ten years.

Takeaways: It Takes a Lot Before A Plumber Takes Plumbing Jobs

All experienced plumbers went through years of learning to acquire their plumbing licenses, because they can’t offer plumbing service in Arizona without the proper accreditation. Though it may sound daunting, a plumbing career can be rewarding and assures job security. Moreover, the license reciprocity agreement enables Arizona plumbers to practice in nearby states. If you want to earn while you learn, most apprenticeship programs offer reasonable pay for apprentice plumbers. If you have an experienced plumber nearby, you are lucky that you have someone with advanced knowledge to address any plumbing needs.

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